How Loneliness Goes by Nguan

15 November, 2013

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Title of publication: How Loneliness Goes
Name of artist: Nguan
Design: Self
Editor: Self

Publication date: 2013
Place of publication: Singapore
Edition size: 220, signed and numbered
Format: Hardcover, cloth bound with tip-on
Size: 26 cm x 24.8 cm
Number of pages: 48
Type of printing: Offset
Type of paper: Kinmari Matte 157gsm

Name of printer: Colourscan
Number of pictures: 27

Price:  £ 26
Description of book: How Loneliness Goes is about those of us who abide in the city. My wish is for this book to wander in my stead, exist as a testament to existence, and credibly proffer the possibility of beauty as a balm for everyday sorrow.
The best thing about self-publishing: I can make a book about loneliness by my lonesome.
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