Book du Jour: Paper Journal Best Of Instagram Vol. 1

Title of publication: Paper Journal Best Of Instagram Vol. 1
Name of artists: Jennifer Abessira, Evgeny Chulyuskin, Alex Dixon (Pearson & Dixon), Camilo Fuentealba, Peter Funch, Eric Helgas, James Huang, Barnaby Hutchins, Amanda Jasnowski, Anna Jay, Czar Kristoff, Mehdi Lacoste, Shen Li, Nina Manandhar, Levi Mandel, Sacha Maric, Joe Pearson (Pearson & Dixon), Bobby Scheidemann, Campbell Sibthorpe, Jean-Baptiste Sinniger, TJ Tambellini, Maurice Van Es, Andrés​ Vargas, Alex F. Webb, Rosanna Webster
Design: Patricia Karallis
Editor: Patricia Karallis
Publication date: March 2015
Place of publication: Cambridge, UK
Edition size: 150
Format: softcover, perfect bound
Size: A5 (14.8cm x 21cm)
Number of pages: 76
Type of printing: Digital
Type of paper: 170gsm silk
Name of printer: Ex Why Zed
Number of pictures: 47
Price: £15.00
Description of book: Launched April 2013, the Paper Journal Instagram invites a guest photographer to takeover for a week. This book, the first in the series, aims to showcase the best of the weekly takeovers with a selection of work from chosen photographers from April 2013 – June 2014.
The best thing about self-publishing: The freedom
Artist website:
Book Soundtrack:

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SPBH ♥ Insolance Collectif

Lunes Noires01xLunes Noires02xLunes Noires03xLunes Noires04xLunes Noires05xLunes Noires06xLunes Noires07xLunes Noires08xLunes Noires09xLunes Noires10x
Insolance Collectif is Melissa Boucher, Marine De la Loge & Rebekka Deubner

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SPBH ♥ Ronni Campana

Fixed_Badly_Ronni Campana- 1Fixed_Badly_Ronni Campana- 2Fixed_Badly_Ronni Campana- 3Fixed_Badly_Ronni Campana- 4Fixed_Badly_Ronni Campana- 5Fixed_Badly_Ronni Campana- 6Fixed_Badly_Ronni Campana- 7Fixed_Badly_Ronni Campana- 8Fixed_Badly_Ronni Campana- 9Fixed_Badly_Ronni Campana- 10
Ronni Campana

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Book du Jour: Longings by Timur Yueksel

Title of publication: Longings
Name of artist: Timur Yueksel
Design: Timur Yueksel
Editor: Timur Yueksel
Publication date: 2014
Place of publication: Hamburg, Germany
Edition size: Limited Edition of 50 handcrafted copies
Format: Softcover
Size: 14,2 x 21 cm
Number of pages: 56 pages
Type of printing: Inkjet-print
Type of paper: Munken Lynx
Number of pictures: 30
Price: 35€ (incl. shipping)
Extra: One 5×7″ fiber-based silver gelatin print

Description of book: Longings deals with a diversity of people, encounters and attitudes towards life, as well as with hoping and failing. Individually, it focuses on life as such with all its differences and similarities. Loud, quiet, intrusive and modest pictures- just as contradictory as the personalities they show. However, there is something that connects us all – the longing for something we can trust.

The best thing about self-publishing: Independence
Artist website:
Book Soundtrack:

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SPBH ♥ Hanne Lillee

Hanne Lillee

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