Strawberry Snow By Yves Suter

11 May, 2012

Title of publication: Strawberry Snow
Name of artist: Yves Suter
Additional contributor/s: Dominik Betschart (Swiss Snowboard Pro)
Design: Yves Suter
Press: Hakuin Verlag, Zurich
Publication date: Dec. 2011
Place of publication: Zurich, Switzerland
Edition size: Limited Edition of 300
Format: Softcover (multiply board cover)
Size: 16.5×23.5 cm
Number of pages: 160
Type of printing: Offset
Type of paper: Munken Lynx 150gm2
Name of printer: Druckerei Odermatt AG, Dallenwil (Switzerland)
Number of pictures: 121
Price: 49£ / 69 SFR / 59 € / 77$
Description of book: This photographic documentary accompanies the two swiss, photographer Yves Suter and snowboarder
Dominik Betschart, on a one month snowboard journey through Japan. During a travel from central Japan
to the north island of Hokkaido and back. The book is a journal consisting of stories they have experienced
and pictures documenting their journey.
The best thing about self-publishing: You can do whatever you want!
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