SPBH ♥ Annick Ligtermoet

Annick Ligtermoet

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Self Publish, Be Naughty: Lotte Reimann

Lotte Reimann

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Book du Jour: Breezewood by Benjamin C Tankersley

Title of publication: Breezewood
Name of artist: Benjamin C Tankersley
Additional contributor: Essay by Billups Allen
Design: Erin Brophy
Editor: Self edited
Press: Magcloud
Publication date: April 2014
Place of publication: Arlington Virginia, United States
Edition size: 70 signed (unlimited on Magcloud)
Format: Soft Cover, Perfect Bound
Size: 20.95 cm X 27.30 cm
Number of pages: 40
Type of printing: Digital
Type of paper: 80# Text Stock acid free Satin UV Coating
Name of printer: Magcloud
Number of pictures: 34
Price: $20 signed copies, $15 Magcloud

Description of book: This book is a collection of 34 color photographs taken with a variety of film formats, exploring the town of Breezewood Pennsylvania. Breezewood is a town I often passed through on numerous road trips growing up and I always found it to be a peculiar town due to the fact that no one actually seems to live there. The town of gas stations, restaurants and motels exists solely to service cross-country travelers. In this book I’ve strived to create a portrait of a town most often passed by without a second glance that in a microcosm represents the thrills and pitfalls of the Great American Road Trip.

The best thing about self-publishing: Paper is a wonderful way to view photography. By self publishing I find it possible to affordably reach a wider audience with my photography projects and present them in a tactile format that attaches a sense of intimacy to the viewer that might not be found when looking at work online.
Artist website: benjaminctankersley.com
Press website: magcloud.com
Book Soundtrack:

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SPBH ♥ Rebecca Topakian

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Rebecca Topakian

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Book du Jour: Between Spaces by Garry Loughlin

Title of publication: Between Spaces
Name of artist: Garry Loughlin
Design: Garry Loughlin
Editor: Garry Loughlin
Publication date: December 2014
Place of publication: Dublin, Ireland
Edition size: 300
Format: Softcover
Size: 16.6cm x 24 cm
Number of pages: 96
Type of printing: Offset
Type of paper: Périgord 115gsm
Name of printer: Cassochrome, Belgium
Number of pictures: 50
Price: €25

Description of book: Whilst there is a photography tradition of documenting the American road trip, I felt that traveling by bike would expose me to opportunities and encounters that could be overlooked if travelled by car or bus. Taking a slower pace and being on my own speed allowed me, as an observer passing through small American towns, to see the beauty in the banality of everyday life. I feel the decision to cycle not only gave me a stronger connection the landscape but also to the people I met along the way.

The best thing about self-publishing: The freedom.
Artist website: garryloughlin.com
Book Soundtrack:

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