SPBH ♥ Sofia Chalaguina

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Sofia Chalaguina

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Book To Come: La Fin de La Vie, Le Début de la Survivance by Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo

Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo

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SPBH ♥ Audrey Lenchantin

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Audrey Lenchantin

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SPBH ♥ Aleix Plademunt

Aleix Plademunt

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Book du Jour: Give Yourself To The Sea by Liza Mandelup

_MG_7247m_MG_7248m_MG_7249m_MG_7250m_MG_7251m_MG_7252m_MG_7259m_MG_7254m_MG_7255m_MG_7256m_MG_7257m_MG_7258m_MG_7260mTitle of publication: Give Yourself to the Sea
Name of artist: Liza Mandelup
Additional contributor: Lexie Smith (Title and Illustration)
Design: Liza Mandelup
Editor: Liza Mandelup with special thanks to Flore-Adèle Gau
Press: Liza Mandelup L.A.
Publication date: May 2014
Place of publication: Brooklyn, New York
Edition size: 50
Format: Paperback
Size: 28 x 22 cm
Number of pages: 48
Type of printing: Offset
Type of paper: Glossy
Name of printer: G&P in NYC
Number of pictures: 26
Price: $30

Description of book: Give Yourself to the Sea came from the idea of wanting to create something out of my fantasies about the beach. I shot it on an island called Menorca off the coast of Spain. The experience of making the book was my real-life fantasy, traveling to this island I had never been to before in search of the most amazing beaches. Whether it’s an actual physical beach or a paradise we create in our mind everyone needs to find their “beach”, a place where everything feels right and you feel like you’re floating. This book is about my search for that place.

The best thing about self-publishing: The only thing between you and putting your work out there is you.
Artist website: lizamandelup.com
Book Soundtrack:

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