Book Du Jour: DISKO By Andrew Miksys

Andrew Miksys1Andrew Miksys2Andrew Miksys3Andrew Miksys4Andrew Miksys5Andrew Miksys6Andrew Miksys7Andrew Miksys8Andrew Miksys9Andrew Miksys10Andrew Miksys11Andrew Miksys12Andrew Miksys13Andrew Miksys14

Title of publication: DISKO
Name of artist: Andrew Miksys
Additional contributor/s: Andrei Codrescu
Design: Claudia Ott and Andrew Miksys
Editor: Andrew Miksys and Claudia Ott
Series name: n/a
Press: “The discos of Lithuania were once Soviet offices, detention centers, weapons storage, rare Lithuanian mushroom-packing plants… who knows? One can dream of their former incarnations and feel that, no matter how grim, they are being violently shoved into history by the hungry young bodies Andrew photographs. … has caught a fleeting world that emanates death and hope in the pulses of ephemeral disco lights.” – Andrei Codrescu
Publication date: November 2013
Place of publication: Vilnius, Lithuania
Edition size: 1000
Format: Hardcover
Size: 25 x 30cm
Number of pages: 104
Type of printing: Offset
Type of paper: GardaPat
Name of printer: Petro Ofsetas
Number of pictures: 45
Price: 45 EUR ($60)

Description of book:
For ten years Andrew Miksys traveled the back roads of Lithuania photographing teenagers in village discos. Most of these discos are located in Soviet-era culture houses where Miksys would sometimes find discarded Lenin paintings, old Soviet movie posters, gas masks, and other remnants of the Soviet Union. He became fascinated by all this debris of a dead empire and the teenagers who visited the clubs. It seemed like a perfect backdrop to make a series of photographs about young people in Lithuania, a crumbling past, and the uncertain future of a new generation all together in one room.

The best thing about self-publishing: Everything sucks and goes wrong. But then you’re on press at 6am and see the first sheets coming off the press looking sweet. Can’t beat that thrill.

Artist website:
Press website:

Book Soundtrack:

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Maisie Cousins

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Book Du Jour: In The Beginning No Bird Sang
By Anaïs López

Anaïs López1Anaïs López2Anaïs López3Anaïs López4Anaïs López5Anaïs López6Anaïs López7Anaïs López8Anaïs López9Anaïs López10Anaïs López11Anaïs López12

Title of publication: In the beginning no bird sang
Name of artist: Anaïs López
Additional contributor/s: n/a
Design: Heijdens Karwei
Editor: Self Published
Series name: n/a
Press: n/a
Publication date: October 2013
Place of publication: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Edition size: 500
Format: Hardcover 
Size: (in cm) 17 x 24 
Number of pages: 112
Type of printing: n/a
Type of paper: 120 grams 
Name of printer: Van Gorcum
Number of pictures: 40
Price: 32 euro

Description of book: The project ‘In the beginning no bird sang’, a photo, video and sound installation, is about IJburg. Jean, a blind man, introduces me to this new part of Amsterdam. For 1,5 years I followed him. We walked the island for hours at a time. Jean is a really special man: he knows almost every bird in IJburg and has amazing stories to tell about all of them. The most important thing that I learned during my time with Jean is not to use my eyes, but to listen to the city. through his ‘eyes’ I photographed IJburg.
The result is a really special project, that consists not only of a publication and a photography and video installation, but a sound installation as well. The sound installation was made in collaboration with Hannes Wallrafen, an Amsterdam audiographic artist (and former photographer) who is blind as well. Together with Jean he made an audio portrait of IJburg.
The book: English text, 40 color photos, 4 real prints in the book, 12 oscillograms with sounds of birds by Anais Lopez. To be found and listened to with the Layar app or (later) on my website. 6 dust covers.

The best thing about self-publishing: You can make your dream book! 

Artist website:
Press website:

Book Soundtrack:

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Frankie Carino

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Book Du Jour: Einmal Ist Keinmal By Mika Kitamura

Mika Kitamura1Mika Kitamura2Mika Kitamura3Mika Kitamura4Mika Kitamura5Mika Kitamura6Mika Kitamura7Mika Kitamura8Mika Kitamura9Mika Kitamura10Mika Kitamura11Mika Kitamura12

Title Of Publication: Einmal Ist Keinmal
Name Of Artist: Mika Kitamura
Additional Contributor/s: n/a
Design: Atsushi Kumagai
Editor: n/a
Series Name: n/a
Press: Therme Books
Publication Date: 1St Of April 2013
Place Of Publication: Tokyo, Japan
Edition Size: 1000 For The First Edition
Format: Hardcover
Size: 20×22.5Cm
Number Of Pages: 136P
Type Of Printing: Offset
Type Of Paper: Color:U-Lite 157.0G/M2(Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.)
Black&White:Take Ga-Fs 157.0G/M2(Takeo Co., Ltd.)
Name Of Printer: n/a
Number Of Pictures: 129
Price: 3,600 Yen

Description of book:
I could notice that I don’t have to find the meaning each time in my pictures. I just let them as they are. Taking pictures is like praying something unseen.

The best thing about self-publishing: I learned a lot about making book. The designer and I took contact very constantly and directly. It was a good experience for me.

Artist website:
Press website:

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