Book Du Jour: How Buildings Kill
By Gareth Proskourine-Barnett

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Title of publication: How Buildings Kill
Name of artist: Artwork by Gareth Proskourine-Barnett
Additional contributor/s: Texts from – The Marquis De Sade, Owen Hatherley, Ian Nairn, Ken Hollings, David Dawkins, Jacqueline De Jong. Additional photo series of gravestones by Jacqueline De Jong
Design: David Wrenne
Editor: Gareth Proskourine-Barnett
Series name: n/a
Press: Tombstone Press
Publication date: May 2013
Place of publication: London, UK
Edition size: 200
Format: Softcover spiral bound
Size: A4
Number of pages: 110
Type of printing: Risograph
Type of paper: Variety of 120g papers
Name of printer: Gareth Proskourine-Barnett
Number of pictures: 123
Price: £12

Description of book: How Buildings Kill is a visceral and illustrative examination of urban living and architecture through a physical interaction with print. The physicality of space, the fabric of our constructed environments, the nostalgia of utopia, the rapid gentrification of cities, urban brutality and the Situationist Internationals are all explored in the first book from publishers Tombstone Press.

The best thing about self-publishing: …is the opportunity to open up a dialogue with the world we live in – the page is a free and democratic space with endless possibilities.  

Artist website:
Press website:

Book Soundtrack:

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SPBH ♥ Charlotte Rutherford


Charlotte Rutherford

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SPBH ♥ Aaron Wynia


Aaron Wynia

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Book Du Jour: The White Zine By Matt Martin


Title of publication: The White Zine
Name of artist: Matt Martin
Additional contributor/s:  n/a
Design: Self Published
Editor: Matt Martin
Series name:  n/a
Press: B RAD
Publication date: October 2013
Place of publication: Brighton, UK
Edition size: 50
Format: Zine
Size: A5
Number of pages: 52
Type of printing: digital photocopier
Type of paper: 120 gsm white
Name of printer: Buz
Number of pictures: 36
Price: 8.00

Description of book: A 2 week documentation of life in Hong Kong, studying the weird, the beautiful and the loneliness.

The best thing about self-publishing: Making things that you can give to your friends and holding your work rather than it being on a screen. Self publishing keeps me creative and always thinking.
Artist website:
Press website:

Book Soundtrack:

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Book Du Jour: Errata By Jeroen Lambertyn


Title of publication:
Name of artist: Jeroen Lambertyn
Additional Contributors: introduction by Ilke Gers (Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem), transcript of two conversations with my mother
Design: Bosco Hernández (Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem)
Editors: Bosco Hernández and Jeroen Lambertyn
Series: n/a
Press: self-published
Publication date: July 2013
Place of publication: Ghent, Belgium
Edition size: 150 copies
Format: soft cover (with uncut fore-edge)
Size: 20.5 x 26 cm
Number of pages: 116
Type of printing: digital offset on HP Indigo by Netzodruk, Gorinchem, NL
Type of paper: 80g wood-free offset (images) & K642211 wrapping paper (text)
Type of binding: saddle stitch by Geertsen handboekbinderij, Nijmegen, NL]
Number of pictures: 140
Price: 25 euro

Description of book: I started this project as a way to search for memories. A lack of memories could be the lack of a narrative – no ways of connecting experiences nor giving them context. The editing of memories is a constant process. I felt that I had little left to edit. I decided to take the archive of negatives that my parents kept, as the raw material to base my selection on. The archive is finite, it fades out shortly after my father passed away, when I was 11 years old. While looking back, I realised that few pictures had survived the editing process. I found few memories. The images didn’t work like I expected them to, or rather, like I wanted them to. The only pictures I still remembered were the ones hanging in our living room. They were the ones that were constantly shown to us, to our family and friends. They represented our family and were responsible for branding my memory and my past. We are not always the curators of our own past. However, by selecting and presenting pictures we show others and ourselves a certain image, which affects how we are remembered and how we remember. Errata is an attempt to reclaim this curatorship and to (re)write my personal, visual history. It’s an appendix; an annex to the photo albums my parents made. The choices I made are based on the different roles I play: protagonist, author and photographer.

The best thing about self-publishing:
 freedom of choice.

Artist website:
Press website:

Book soundtrack:

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