1: Abe Atri
2: Dawid Misiorny
3: Pat O’Rourke
4: Mark Peckmezian
5: Zachary Fudge
6: Antoine Harinthe
7: Ania Mokrzycka
8: June Canedo
9: Andrew Lyman
10: Adam Revington

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SPBH ♥ Lluís Artús


Lluís Artús

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SPBH ♥ Kristine Potter @ Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Potter001TopherRiver 001Potter003Potter004Potter005Potter006Garrett 001Potter008Potter009WindRock 001Potter011Potter012

Kristine Potter @ Daniel Cooney Fine Art 12th Sep – 1st Nov 14

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Book Du Jour: Being There by Laurence Harms


Title of publication: Being There
Name of artist: Laurence Harms
Additional contributor/s: n/a
Design: Studio Moan, Utrecht, NL
Editor: Laurence Harms
Series name: n/a
Press: Oranje van Loon, Den Haag, NL
Publication date: June 2013
Place of publication: Den Haag, NL
Edition size: 100
Format: Softcover
Size: 17x24cm
Number of pages: 40
Type of printing: Offset
Type of paper: Cover: 300 gr Curious Metallics, silver white. Inside: 170 gr Cocoon silk
Name of printer: Oranje van Loon, Den Haag, NL
Number of pictures: 46
Price: 12,50€

Description of book: Being There is part of my graduation project for photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, the Netherlands. Being There is a series about my longing for the mountains. “When I look back at the happiest moments of my life, most of them took place in the mountains. Over the years, mountains have come to symbolize a profound feeling of euphoria, which I haven’t been able to find anywhere else or in anything else. In memory and longing, however, things can seem almost perfect, but once we are there, reality sets in and the search continues.” (my own quote taken from the first page of the publication). The publication is divided into four parts. The main part, running all through the book, serves as the heart of the book, while the other parts intersect it by means of foldouts.

The best thing about self-publishing: The freedom to experiment.

Artist website: www.laurenceharms.nl
Press website: www.oranjevanloon.nl

Book Soundtrack:

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SPBH ♥ Marthe Elise Stramrud

Untitled (Livingroom Poetics no. 1)Untitled (Livingroom Poetics no. 2)Untitled (Livingroom Poetics no. 3)Untitled (Livingroom Poetics no. 5)Untitled (Livingroom Poetics no. 6)Untitled (Livingroom Poetics no. 7)Untitled (Livingroom Poetics no. 8)Untitled (Livingroom Poetics no. 9)Picture 002Picture 003

Marthe Elise Stramrud

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