SPBH ♥ Youmna Geday

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Youmna Geday

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Book du Jour: Arkanum by Aras Gökten

_MG_7234m_MG_7236m_MG_7237m_MG_7238m_MG_7239m_MG_7240m_MG_7241m_MG_7242m_MG_7243m_MG_7244m_MG_7245m_MG_7246mTitle of publication: Arkanum
Name of artist: Aras Gökten
Design: Florian Fischer
Editor: Aras Gökten
Publication date: October 2014
Place of publication: Berlin, Germany
Edition size: 250
Format: Softcover
Size: 23,5 x 29,5 cm
Number of pages: 64
Type of printing: Offset printing
Type of paper: silkmatt, partial UV varnish
Name of printer: Heidelberg Speedmaster
Number of pictures: 26
Price: 35€
Artist website: arasgoekten.com
Book Soundtrack:

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SPBH ♥ Marianne Wasowska

Marianne Wasowska

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Book To Come: Behind Blue Eyes by Helena Goñi

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Behind Blue Eyes by Helena Goñi

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Book du Jour: Stubborn Cactus by Delphine Bedel

_MG_7222m_MG_7223m_MG_7224m_MG_7225m_MG_7226m_MG_7227m_MG_7228m_MG_7229m_MG_7230m_MG_7231m_MG_7232m_MG_7233mTitle of publication: Stubborn Cactus
Name of artist: Delphine Bedel
Design: Delphine Bedel
Editor: Delphine Bedel
Series name: Spiegelrefleksies
Press: Extrapool / Knust
Publication date: 2015
Place of publication: Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Edition size: 70 copies, signed and numbered
Format: Softcover
Size: 21 x 29 cm
Number of pages: 10, unbound
Type of printing: Black and White Risoprint
Type of paper: cardboard and rough paper
Name of printer: Extrapool / Knust
Number of pictures: 10
Price: £25 – €35

Description of book: ‘Stubborn Cactus’ is the new photobook by Delphine Bedel. For one year, she documented with her iPhone the botanical garden of the VU University in Amsterdam, that was planned to be destroyed in June 2014, once the collection sold. This academic garden was a part of the Biology Department. It host a unique collection of 10.000 plants and the largest collection of cactuses and succulent plants in the Netherlands, as well as centuries old bonsais. Initiating various activities to bring attention to this situation together with a group of people, now the garden and its collection will be preserved for another 8 years.
The title was inspired by some of the cactuses quietly growing for the last 50 years around the metal architecture of glass houses.
Playing with both codes of photography and plant preservation, high and lo-fi, in this edition Delphine Bedel purposefully uses all the technical flows of digital and analog medias. She transforms her vernacular high-fi colour snapshots into black and white, flat pressed plant specimens on cardboard, to be stored indefinitely as a record of the flora, a statement on the versatile future of the garden and its collection.

The best thing about self-publishing: Shoot, print, share. Possibly save a botanical garden.

Artist website: delphinebedel.com
Press website: metabooks.tictail.com
Book Soundtrack:

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