SPBH ♥ Sara-Lena Maierhofer

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Sara-Lena Maierhofer

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Book Du Jour: LLSB Tattoo Portrait Zine by Robin Lambert


Title of publication: LLSB Tattoo Portrait Zine
Name of artist: Robin Lambert
Additional contributor/s: Long Live Southbank Campaign
Design: Self-edited
Editor: self
Series name: n/a
Press: Self
Publication date: Jan 2014
Place of publication: London, UK
Edition size: 200
Format: Booklet
Size: 135mm x 195mm
Number of pages: 16
Type of printing: Risograph
Type of paper: Cover: Popset Black 170gsm Inner: Pure Munkin 100gsm
Name of printer: Ditto Press
Number of pictures: 11
Price: £5

Description of book: ‘Home to creative outlaws and a generation lost, Southbank is the glue that holds deep bonds together’

The zine is a set of portraits of local Southbank skateboarders that have an ‘SB’ affiliated tattoo.

The best thing about self-publishing: I can do it.

Artist website: www.robinlambert.co.uk
Press website: n/a

Book Soundtrack:

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SPBH ♥ Tomas Mutsaers


Tomas Mutsaers

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Book Du Jour: EOSMIN by Lars Moereels


Title of publication: ​EOSMIN​
Name of artist: Lars Moereels
Additional contributor/s: Nina Byttebier
Design: Lucas Liccini
Editor: Lucas Liccini
Press: Doppell Edition
Publication date: May 2014
Place of publication: Berlin, Germany
Edition size: 150
Format: Softcover
Size: 21 x 30 cm
Number of pages: 24
Type of printing: Digital
Price: €6

Description of book: Originally hailing from Belgium but in reality a charismatic offspring of the world wide web, Lars represents fun digital culture in every possible way imaginable. His graphic, photographic, musical and three-dimensional compositions are effortlessly constructed. They brilliantly merge to form the distinctive style of his undying opus, which this compact mono-graphic showcase serves to reveal and shed some light upon. Now log out.

The best thing about self-publishing: Being your own boss.

Artist website: www.larsmoereels.com
Press website: www.doppell.net

Book Soundtrack:

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Self Publish Be An Intern


Self Publish, Be Happy is recruiting

We are looking for an intern to work on our ever expanding program of events, projects and books.
His/her main responsibility will be to manage/edit our website and library.

You’ll need to be computer literate, photography/art passionate and based in London. The internship will be for a duration of 4 months, and you will be required to be in the studio for three days a week, starting in January. Expenses paid.

Please send your CV and a cover letter to selfpublished.behappy@gmail.com with “Internship Application” as the subject. Deadline: 14th December, interviews 16th and 17th December.

photo courtesy of Patricia Karallis

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