Soy Todo Ojos by Jose Camara

27 January, 2017

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Title: Soy todo ojos
Artist: Jose Camara

Designer: Jose Camara
Editor: Jose Camara
Printer: Laimprenta, Valencia, Spain
Publication date and place: December 2016, Valencia, Spain
Edition: 100. Signed, stamped and numbered
Format, binding: Softcover, perfect bound
Size: 8 x 8 cm.
Number of pages and images: 88 pages / 40 images
Type of printing and paper: digital / couche 150 gr.
Retail price: €10

Book description: “Soy todo ojos” gathers in a small book (same size and shape of a post-it pad) 40 works of the series “soy todo ojos”. All the works of this series are made with post-it pads, found sex photographs and googly eyes. The book includes a couple of eyes for you to paste to the cover of the book (or to your favourite picture).