Two Years by Ryan Lowry

2 December, 2014


Title of publication: Two Years
Name of artist: Ryan Lowry
Additional contributor/s: None
Design: Morgan Brill designed the cover and text pages.
Editor: Edited myself.
Series name: None
Press: Rider Dickerson
Publication date: Sept 2014
Place of publication: Chicago USA
Edition size: 250
Format: Softcover
Size: 8×10 inches
Number of pages: 100
Type of printing: Digital
Type of paper: Semi-gloss
Name of printer: HP Indigo
Number of pictures: 69
Price: $25

Description of book: TWO YEARS is a realization, a culmination of capturing the mundane and assigning it’s significance to the world as beautiful and extraordinary. Each singular moment ties into the next, a forced narrative by proximity. Accepting this closeness as a relationship and responsibility to representation. The proposition made in TWO YEARS is not one of control or lack there of, it asks you to participate and to assign your own language.

The best thing about self-publishing: Control.

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