Roundabout#cyprus by Lavinia Parlamenti and Manfredi Pantanella

9 December, 2013

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Title of publication: ROUNDABOUT#cyprus
Name of artist: Lavinia Parlamenti and Manfredi Pantanella
Design: Lavinia Parlamenti
Editor: Mastrorillo/Parlamenti/Pantanella
Publication date: February, 2013
Place of publication: Rome, Italy
Edition size: first ed. 20
Format: Jacket + Softcover
Size: A4 (21×29,7 cm closed) + cyprus’ map (59×42 cm full size)
Number of pages: 28
Type of printing: Digital
Type of paper: Wallpaper Jacket (Cyprus’ map) + softcover 300 gr. + writing paper 240 gr. + matte tracing paper
Name of printer: Tipografia 5M, Roma
Number of pictures: 40
Price: 23 euro
Description of book: Surreal road trip across Cyprus, ironically observing the consequences of the cypriot political deadlock on the topography and the geography of this beautiful mediterranean island, split into two separate geographical areas since 1974 (the turkish in the north and the greek in the south). The book is designed to highlight the idea of division, confusion and nonsense. Just like the cypriot political situation, the journey described in our self publish is potentially open to many different possibilities and solutions but paradoxically ending up running round in circles and leading nowhere. Like a Roundabout.
The best thing about self-publishing: It’s 100% yourself You know what you mean
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