Class of 2013: Joe Wilson and Billy Bolton / LCC London

SEA MEN – Full Film by Joe Wilson and Billy Bolton

Strangest experience: we did a lot of couchsurfing for this project. once we found ourselves doing a pub quiz in Hastings with a ponytailed quiz maverick (and his two lovers) who got extremely angry when he was accused of cheating. he wants to go on Pointless
Biggest crush:
Favourite pack lunch: egg mayonnaise sandwiches made by my mum
Biggest influence: mark steinmetz, mark peckmezian, mark morrison
What now: more videos and photos. less student loans
You in 10 years: running a company with Bruno Ceschel as my intern/slave

Strangest experience: Seeing the Northern Lights in South Devon
Biggest crush: Nigella Lawson
Favourite pack lunch: Anything but a Tesco Meal Deal – there’s no deal involved. I guess the best pack lunches are the ones made by someone else, that stopped happening when I left school, I’ll have to wait till I’ve got a wife now.
Biggest influence: Gideon Koppel, Werner Herzog, Holden Caulfield
What now: Enjoying my last summer holiday, making films, applying for film festivals, making things out of wood – my new time wasting activity.
You in 10 years: I would love to be making documentary films, preferably in locations beyond this beautiful but grey island that we live on.

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