Fernweh Heimweh by Jess Gough

16 May, 2013

Title of publication: Fernweh Heimweh
Name of artist: Jess Gough
Design: Jamie Allan Shaw
Editor: Jamie Allan Shaw
Publication date: April 2013
Place of publication: Glasgow / Berlin
Edition size: 50
Format: Newspaper
Size: 43 cm × 28 cm
Number of pages: 32 pages
Type of printing: Digital
Type of paper: Newsprint
Name of printer: Newspaper club
Number of pictures: 35
Price: £8.00
Description of book: ‘Fernweh’ means ‘aching to be away’ in German whereas
‘Heimweh’ translates as ‘homesickness’ – literally ‘aching to be home’. Fernweh Heimweh loosely documents the adventures of finding a home away from home, a collection of photos taken in the past 2 years all on 35 mm cameras.
The best thing about self-publishing: collaborating
Artist website: www.jessgough.co.uk
Press website: www.jamieallanshaw.co.uk
Book Soundtrack: