Book Du Jour:The Anatomy of Business by Louis Porter

Title of publication: The Anatomy of Business
Name of artist: Louis Porter
Design: Louis Porter
Editor: Louis Porter
Press: Twenty Shelves
Publication date: 2012
Place of publication: Melbourne – Australia
Edition size: 1000
Format: Unbound newspaper print
Size: 25cm(h) x 19.5cm(w)
Number of pages: 64
Type of printing: Black and white offset
Type of paper: 52gsm newspaper print
Name of printer: MPD (Sydney)
Number of pictures: 62
Price: $10
Description of book: The Anatomy of Business aims to present a distorted compendium of the gestures and motifs that make up the visual language of modern business. This is achieved by linking de-contextualised elements from the photographic archive of a 1980′s financial newspaper, to images produced in direct response on, the streets of Melbourne.
The best thing about self-publishing: The control.
Artist website:
Press website:
Book Soundtrack:

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