Adventice 01 by Florine Bonaventure and Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup

14 January, 2013

Title of publication: Adventice 01, An Issue About Architecture and Nature
Name of artist: Florine Bonaventure and Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
Additional contributors: Hugo Devèze (photographer), Diane du Chaxel (product designer), Alaric Garnier & Pablo Réol (photographers), Simon Ladoux (author), Andrea Kucera (journalist), Joëlle Magnin-Gonze (biologist/botanist), Jacques Duboux (artist), Séverine Cadier (artist), Jennifer McGlinchey (photographer), Marie-Luce Schaller (illustrator), Fabrice Mabime (storyteller), Jérôme Foubert (illustrator), Natalia Oprowska (illustrator), Matthieu Lavanchy & Jonas Marguet (photographers), Stella Falcoz (photographer) and Laurent Maestracci (poet)
Design: Florine Bonaventure
Editor: Self-edited — Florine Bonaventure and Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
Series name: Adventice
Publication date: June 2012
Place of publication: Lausanne, Switzerland
Edition size: 1000 copies
Format: Softcover, saddle stitched
Size: 31 x 23 cm
Number of pages: 124 pages
Type of printing: Colour Offset
Type of paper: Coated paper 80/200gr. and uncoated recycled paper 80 gr.
Name of printer: Musumeci Spa, Italy
Number of pictures: 54
Price: 15 euros
Description of book: Adventice is a publication of observations, analysis and visual essays. It is independently published and distributed twice a year. Adventice concentrates on the confrontation of different topics, highlighting the tension between conflicting subjects. Despite it being an art publication, it strives to create a dialogue between
various fields. Authors such as writers, photographers, designers, biologists and illustrators explore the specificities of the given theme. The diverse approaches concentrate on the ungrateful and usually left aside aspects of the question.
Each issue focuses on the encounter of specific and precise disciplines, presenting several personal interpretations and contains an insert which introduces an academical or scientific research. However our aim is not to give thorough knowledge, rather it is a specialized cultural publication. The project aspires to push the limits and even take on insignificant matters.
The best thing about self-publishing: To learn how to make quality books with few means.
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