The Collared Dove Sound by Sabrina Ragucci

3 December, 2012

Title of publication: The Collared Dove Sound
Name of artist: Sabrina Ragucci (photographs and short text at the end)
Additional contributor/s: Giorgio Falco (short novel), John Gossage (short text for the obi band)
Design: Fabrizio Radaelli /
Editor: micamera (Giulia Zorzi and Flavio Franzoni)
Publication date: October 2012
Place of publication: Milan, Italy
Edition size: 500
Format: Hardcover
Size: 16×23 cm
Number of pages: 80
Type of printing: offset
Type of paper: Photographs(Hello Silk MATT 200gms), Short novel(Arcoprint Edizioni Avorio mano 1.3, 70 gms), Endpaper(Arcoprint Edizioni Avorio mano 1.3, 140 gms, Cover(carton, 1 mm covered by Imitlin E/R05 / Tela Kraft 125gms printed black)
Name of printer: Campisi
Number of pictures: 49
Price: 29€
Description of book: A collaboration between a writer and a photographer. The Collared Dove Sound is the work that photographer Sabrina Ragucci has patiently woven into the suburban area of Cortesforza, the imaginary place that can be found in the books written by Giorgio Falco. Cortesforza is in reality the area southwest of Milan, “one of the most polluted places in Europe”. The photographs are accompanied by a short novel that G. Falco wrote for this publication, and that is the ideal continuation of the books he already published. Texts are in Italian, English and French.
The best thing about self-publishing: following every step of the production, controlling costs, sharing the knowledge
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