A Rock of the Moon by Hiroshi Takizawa

7 December, 2012

Title of publication: A Rock of the Moon
Name of artist: Hiroshi Takizawa
Design: Uhira Goshi
Press: Self Published
Publication date: September 21,2012
Place of publication: Tokyo, JAPAN
Edition size: 100 (Orders received)
Format: Softcover
Size: 210×297mm
Number of pages: 36
Type of printing: offset & laser print
Number of pictures: 25
Price: 2000yen
Description of book:
It is my first time [producing] a collection of what is outside—rocks. I aimed to capture the essence of things by choosing objects that are reversible between the memories of the subject and object. For example, I picked the 0.5-billion-year-old piece of stratum, told to be the oldest in Japan. It exists from a long, long time ago, before the first humans lived on Earth. The stratum has resisted change for a long period… it seems to connote everything. Dazing at rocks [gives] a sense that everything is connected, and then invites us to the moon. You can experience that excitement, like déjà vu, no matter where you are. An image turns millions of times in your head until something seems to have become familiar, and you suddenly forget the days when you were lonely. Everything gets mixed in a mass, unidentifiable. All becomes one, and one becomes all. That rock went through this billions of times, and that was what drew me to the rock. It is said that geologists learn about the Earth’s birth through the study of aerolites. This may be an example that knowing more about the outside leads to a better understanding of the inside.
The best thing about self-publishing: Book trades
Artist website: www.takizawahiroshi.jp
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