SPBH@NYPH: Overnight Generation by Italo Morales

Overnight Generation is a post-clash reportage over the complex shades that being young adults can assume in the contemporary Sarajevo. A research on a fascinating, complex, and often unknown european capital, plagued by what has been acknowledged as the longest siege in modern history.

It appears to be a common belief that Sarajevo is recovering from its post-war trauma, but is that true? And what happened to the children of the conflict? Unlike other efforts that have been done in the same geographical context, Overnight Generation does not aim to expose the performative rage of an armed struggle, but rather to portrait the evidence of a more subtle violence: the ordinary drama of a post-war existence. A subtle curse that follows every of the young citizens that had to hide his or her best years behind the curtain of the conflict, and grow up overnight, while we were asleep.

Overnight Generation is a book which intent is not to allocate blame, but rather to portrait the efforts of a group of fellows, that sometimes could not have the chance to do things better, but in most of the cases exceeded all the expectations. It is a tribute to Sarajevo and to its young citizens: an insight into the lives of those affected by the war, an analysis on how its consequences have grown into a generational disease.

Italo Morales / Overnight Generation @ NYPH

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