Touch by Peter Dekens

7 November, 2012

Title of publication: Touch
Name of artist: Peter Dekens
Additional contributor/s: Graphic design: Rob van Hoesel; Translations: Ann-Marie Cordia
Design: Rob van Hoesel
Editor: Peter Dekens
Publisher: The Eriskay Connection –
Press: NPN drukkers
Publication date: 15 sept 2012
Place of publication: Belgium/ Netherlands
Edition size: 500
Format: softcover
Size: 170 x 275 mm
Number of pages: 72
Type of printing: offset
Name of printer: NPN drukkers
Number of pictures: 23
Price: €20
Available to buy from the SPBH shop
Description of book: Touch tells the story of the 23 year-old Stijn: a man born blind, living in a small apartment in the city. The furniture inside his apartment aren’t obstacles. On the contrary, they lead his way. Peter Dekens portrayed Stijn inside his apartment and during the winter months. Because Stijn does not need light, the lights were consequently left unlit during the evening hours.

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