Some(w)here by Andres Gonzalez

12 November, 2012

Title of publication: Some(w)here
Name of artist: Andres Gonzalez
Design: Sybren Kuiper
Editors: Andres Gonzalez and Sybren Kuiper
Press: Self
Publication date: September 2012
Place of publication: Amsterdam // Istanbul
Edition size: 700
Format: Soft Hardcover
Size: 20 x 16 cm
Number of pages: 84
Type of printing: Color Offset
Type of paper: Munken Print White 100 gsm
Name of printer: Mart.Spruijt, Amsterdam
Number of pictures: 69
Price: 28£
Available to buy from the SPBH Shop
Description of book: Some(w)here is a book about a journey in the most concrete and abstract sense of the word. The images were made over nearly a 10 year period and traverses as many countries as varied as Norway, Tajikistan, Mexico, and China. The narrative steers away from mere travelogue however, using the language of place to evoke the perceptual, emotional experience of memory and dream.
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