Handbook To The Stars By Peter Puklus

2 July, 2012

Title of publication: Handbook to the Stars
Name of artist: Peter Puklus
Additional contributor/s: Text: Claudia Küssel
Design: Palo Balík
Editor: Claudia Küssel and Peter Puklus
Press: Devin Printing House, Devin, Slovakia
Publication date: 2012
Place of publication: Stokovec – Space for Culture, Banská Stiavnica, Slovakia
Edition size: 300
Format: Hardcover
Size: 16 x 21 cm
Number of pages: 64
Type of printing: Offset
Type of paper: Munken Pure 110g
Name of printer: Koenig & Bauer AG Rapida 66
Number of pictures: 13 color and 37 black-and-white images
Price: 28 EUR
Description of book: “There is a reason why Peter Puklus’ first publication is called Handbook to the Stars, a subtle manifesto of his Ars Poetica. With this handbook, he attempts to portray his own universe and provide an insight into how his photographic works relate to each other: like galaxies in relative proximity to one another that are bound together by their own gravitational force. The images function together and through one another, have no sequence or chronology, but exist individually, even as they form interconnections and follow their own patterns. Hence, they do not necessarily fit on a page in this book; the imaginary distances keep the images in their place. This implies that they may appear fragmented: sometimes small, sometimes large – precisely as they co-exist in Puklus’s universe of images.” (extract from the book, text by Claudia Küssel, curator of Rotterdam Fotomuseum)
The best thing about self-publishing: To be very close to each part of the production. Complete freedom!
Artist website: www.peterpuklus.com