White Fungus By Ron Hanson & Mark Hanson

4 May, 2012

Name of artist: Ron Hanson and Mark Hanson
Additional contributor/s: Carla Schollum, Dr. Tim Bollinger,Tao Wells, Barry Linton, Tobias Fischer, Kurt Gottschalk, Anne Fiero, Colin James, Robin Williams, Richard Livermore, Jamie Sterns, Jumah al Dossari, Hamish Win, Andrew Wood, Campbell Kneale, Jeph Lo, David Watson, Sean Meehan, Al Margolis, Jacqueline Martelle, Katherine Liberovskaya, Tom Hamilton, Ben Manley
Design: Mark Hanson and Carla Schollum
Editor: Ron Hanson
Publication date: December, 2011
Place of publication: Taichung City, Taiwan
Edition size: 2000
Format: Softcover
Size: 19cm x 26cm
Number of pages: 162
Type of printing: Offset lithographic
Type of paper: Cover, 190P青白道林 Inside pages, 100P白道林
Name of printer: 上好印刷股份有限公司
Number of pictures: 60~80
Price: 15 Euro
Description of book: White Fungus is an art magazine based in Taichung City, Taiwan. Founded by brothers Ron and Mark Hanson in Wellington, in 2004, as a quasi political manifesto, copies of the first issue were produced on a photocopier, wrapped in Christmas paper and hurled anonymously through the entrances of businesses throughout the city. The name of the publication comes from a can of “white fungus” the Hansons found in their local supermarket in the industrial zone of Taichung City, Taiwan in 2003. Each cover of White Fungus is derived from a scan of the can. Dispersed through the internet and inter-disciplinary art events, White Fungus is as much an experiment in distribution and dissemination as it is in art publishing.
The best thing about self-publishing: The ability to act nimbly and independently and the chance to have a direct relationship with our audience.
Press website: www.whitefungus.com
Book Soundtrack: