Book Du Jour: Waiya By Charlie Hillhouse

Title of publication: Waiya
Name of artist: Charlie Hillhouse
Design: Charlie Hillhouse
Publication date: November 2011
Place of publication: Brisbane Australia
Edition size: 50
Format: Softcover saddle stitched
Size: 25 x 17.5 cm
Number of pages: 24
Type of printing: Risograph
Type of paper: Environment 118gsm
Name of printer: Small House Books
Number of pictures: 10
Price: $10
Description of book: There’s something nice and not too cryptic about the title of Charlie Hillhouse’s latest zine. “Waiya” is the Japanese pronunciation of ‘wire’. These are photographs of electric lines from a trip taken to Tokyo and its surrounds. They are taken with the curious puzzlement of a traveller out of his depth. It is not only a travel document, but it also serves as a published documentation of the risograph printing process. The artist has manipulated the effect of the photographs with the colour changing of a riso ink drum.
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